Membership Application 2019
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Membership Fees
Type Annual (prepaid) Quarterly Payments Month-to-month
[  ] Regular $900 $225 $90
[  ] Discount/Concession: for minors (U-19), seniors (55+), full-time students, and members in good standing of other fencing clubs. $700 $195 $70
[  ] Children: for U-15 fencers, and discount members in good standing of other fencing clubs. $500 $140 $50
[  ] Lessons:
$150 for 10

Please check the membership type and circle the fee group you are paying. Annual memberships start/end in September. Note that the difference between already-paid quarterly/monthly fees and the annual fee may be paid up by Dec 31.

Terms of Membership

By applying for membership, I acknowledge and agree that as a member I am subject to and will abide by codes of courtesy and conduct that are laid out in the the rules and regulations of fencing competitions, as published by the Canadian Fencing Federation and the Fédération Internationale d'Escrime. I understand that prescribed disciplinary actions for violations of these rules and regulations include expulsion from the facility, and temporary or permanent suspension of privileges without refund. Members are directed to articles t.101 to t.128 of the FIE rules for details on accepted rules of conduct at fencing events.

Waiver: I acknowledge that there are risks of injury associated with fencing, as with any other sport. I understand that the rules and regulations of fencing require me to use appropriate protective equipment, including regulation mask, jacket, and gauntlet at all times while fencing. I understand that by signing this form I am waiving my rights to claim damages against the people described below and that I participate in fencing at my own risk. In consideration of permission to use the facilities of the LaSalle Fencing Corporation to participate in fencing, I forever release the LaSalle Fencing Corporation along with its coaches, organizers, officials and volunteers, from any claims and demands whatsoever which I now have or might have, or which may be exerted against any or all of them for any injury or loss to my person or property, regardless of fault, arising in any way out of my participation in fencing.

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